Lili Betancourt

Awesome experience and environment. I feel so light! Clarity. Thanks Lili. I can't wait to return.


Thanks Lili. I really appreciate it. It's helped tremendously. I have a completely different spirit now than earlier today and I am holding on to the moment that feels good.


Lili is very easy to talk to and in only two sessions I discovered the root of my problem. It amazes me how she helped me so significantly and I've only been to her three times.

Tanya M.

I can't recommend Lili enough. She is caring, talented, professional and highly effective. I was able to present to a group of about 100 people within a week after working with Lili, despite a true phobia of public speaking. I intend to continue to work with Lili to help reveal even more of the potential within.

Mindy G.

Working with Lili is the chance you give yourself to meet an outstanding human being and a very skillful practitioner. Extremely helpful and kind person.

Leticia J.

I am always looking forward to my next session with Lili. I found her name through an acquaintance and had my first hypnosis session over Skype more than a year ago. Was impressed this could work so well over Skype. She is very professional and I would dare say she has the 6th sense to what really needs to be worked on. The results I've seen whilst working with her are amazing and that is why I have and will continue recommending her to anyone that needs to make changes in his/her life or deal with any issue.

Maura L.

Lili has been able to provide the guidance and clarity that I needed to be able to help myself. There is no judgement, only understanding, acceptance and love.

Milena R.

Lili is extremely empathetic and has a natural patience to work with you at your own level to ensure you experience the results that are right for you. My chronic lower back pain was acting up while on vacation and Lili took the time to work with me and get m to a level of pain relief and comfort that allowed me to continue my vacation without further back issues. She si truly devoted to her profession and surely devoted to helping people.

Leo T.

Lili is amazing! From teaching you EFT Tapping techniques to hypnotherapy, she has all the tools to help get you through whatever it is you struggle with. Lili is down to earth, easy to talk to and takes the time to really get to know you.

Jennifer M.

A one-on-one session with Lili Betancourt has melted the frozen suppressed anger thatís had me down. Locked into emotions I couldnít release on my own, unable to focus or function, I made an emergency appointment for her powerful blend of Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy. Yesterday Lili spent over an hour with me, tapping, talking and clearing out gucked up feelings. Then she led me through a relaxation technique that renewed my energy after what had been a draining experience. I left feeling calm and alert. With tentative optimism, I noted that my depressed daze had lifted. Today to my great relief, Iím able to concentrate, get work done and engage with others. Iím back in the world! I canít recommend Lili Betancourt highly enough for help with emotional problems, addictions, physical symptoms or feelings of just not being yourself.

Regina M.

I am writing to thank you from my heart for the work that you have done with me this past year and a half. I had never worked with any type of hypnotism before, and indeed believed myself to be a difficult subject. I have made many attempts to lose weight before, but found them difficult to sustain over the long term. I loved working with you from our very first session. Your compassionate insightfulness helped me to open to your suggestions. The trance process seemed easy in your capable hands. I loved the recordings you made for me to use at home, and I have used them repeatedly. I LOVE falling asleep to them. I am sure that working with you has played a key role in my success; Iíve lost 60 lbs so far and I am still going. Itís easy to establish a sense of safety with you. You have the gift of that special sight that sees the whole person with kind, unjudging eyes. I have got more from them than I ever imagined. I have found the work extraordinarily powerful and encouraging. It is still mysterious to me, but I trust it and it has helped me immensely. All I know is that it works Ė and I enjoy it. I would recommend anyone who wants results to try it. In fact, I have recommended you Ė to several people close to me. Just as you came recommended to me by my nephew, another healing professional who thought highly of you. You are like a treasure that people want to share and pass on! Thank you again for your kindness and special brand of professionalism. Thanks for helping me to reclaim my life!

Alison J.

The Dream boards are doing wonders for myself and the boys. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was like a huge turning point for us Ė focusing on the future and believing we had one. What a gift you have been to us in so many ways. My 7 yr old is his old self again. Confident, smiling, believing in himself. Really amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nancy K.

Thanks for everything. You have helped me to start making the changes in my life that I never knew were possible. And I've only just begun ...!

Debra H.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me during your hypnosis therapy training session in Mexico earlier this month.

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and muscle tightness since 1990.

Over the course of the last 20 years, I have undergone endless sessions of physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, as well as daily exercise routines.

I do not believe in the use of pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures, so any natural solution is always welcome.

On that particular day as I sat in your class, my back was tight, as I cannot sit for extended periods of time. Hence, when you asked for a volunteer to demonstrate your techniques, I was the first one with my arm up.

Your method to help me relax and allow me to visualize and frame the pain and the affected area, truly worked like a charm. Minutes into the session, my lower back tightness was released, and the pain gone.
What is even more remarkable is that I stayed pain free for several days afterwards, even thought I walked more and sat longer than usual since I was traveling on vacation.

Now I can actually help myself by following the simple practice I learned from you!

I wanted to share my experience with you so that others can learn about it and perhaps benefit as much as I did.
Again, thank you and God Bless,

Leonel T.

I first went to the hypnosis sessions because I was overly stressed and had trouble sleeping. After the first session I noticed an immediate difference in my personality and stress management as well as my sleeping habits. I was actually surprised by how quickly it took effect. Several months later, my sleeping is more relaxing and my stress levels are manageable again.

Sean M.

Although I continually moved up the career ladder and had a wonderful family, I struggled with progressive anxiety, fear of failure, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).† When attending meetings, I would not be able to focus, and I would sit next to the door in the event that I needed to make a quick exit.† I would avoid going places, and seldom did anything spontaneous like going to the beach, or fishing -- all of which I enjoyed in the past.†

While complaining about my situation, my sister-in-law suggested that I try hypno-therapy.† She had a friend that was a therapist, and a member of her church, so she offered to give her a call.† I was hypnotized many years ago to quit smoking, so I was certainly willing to try it again; I just wanted my life back.†††††

Unlike my first experience with hypnosis, my first session with Lil Betancourt involved an intake session, which did require some serious thought and reflection to fully answer the questions, but once complete, Lil had the information that she needed to develop an approach to help me get my life back.††

The most revealing thing that I learned in our first session was the link between my fear of failure and a life-event that I rarely though about.†† When I was a teen, my fatherís small business failed, due to circumstances beyond his control, and we were forced to move from our country home to ďthe big cityĒ.† There my fatherís skills were in high demand, but our family fell apart.

I know therapists receive training on how to gather intake information, but I truly believe that in addition to being professional and compassionate, Lil has a gift that provides her an insight to help others.† I know she has certainly helped me, and every day, my life gets better.

Physical distance precludes me from scheduling regular therapy sessions with Lil, but as an alternative, she has created a relaxation CD that I continue to use when I start to feel anxious, or simply want to relax.†† Hypnosis has truly helped me get my life back, and Iím forever grateful to Lil for the therapy, my sister-in-law for the introduction, and to† God for the both of them!

Rosanne G.

Thank you for a great evening. I feel it was a perfect blending of information and experience. You provided new outlooks and excitement...such a vital, empowering and relaxing much needed experience.


Hi, The reason I'm writing you this is to thank you for helping me. I was there for three times and it change my life. The reason I went there was because I have a step daughter who just came in from my country. She has never been with her father. She is 13 years old. She is a very smart girl. But she acts dumb to get between her father and me. I have a very strong temper. And she knows how to get me. Plus I was so stressed. I spoke to Lili about my problem and she said that she could help. Wow it sure did a difference. I'm not paying attention to what my step daughter does any more. That doesn't mean I don't care. But at least I can control my temper and I'm not as stressed as I was. †Lili helped me a lot. My experience was great. I would definitely recommend anybody to do this. It really makes a difference.

Veronica C.

I really loved the flow of your words. The content was great and I liked the way you used examples to help explain situations.


Throughout high school I constantly battled with severe panic attacks and insomnia. †My panic attacks lasted hours, and my insomnia was not taken care of by medicine.† I did not want to go through college the same way, so Lili suggested hypnosis.† When I heard the word hypnosis I automatically thought of the hypnotist on Batman the TV show, which is nothing like this.† It was a bit challenging at first, to believe that this could actually work, but Lili reassured that it can if I wanted it to.† I started out with one session which taught me to relax and learn how to breathe during my next episode of panic.† She also practiced multiple breathing techniques with me to take care of my anxiety/insomnia.† I went to about three more sessions, and I have not had a panic attack in the last six months.† She has helped me build confidence; face my fears, and reward myself for my every accomplishment.† Thank you!

Megan P.

Besides being certified Lil has a natural ability to put you at ease. She helped me identify and focus on my issues.Through hypnosis Lil has helped me deal with overwhelming emotions of anger and sadness.With her help I was able to relieve stress and relax, allowing me to get control over these emotions.† I have found hypnosis to be a peaceful experience and would recommend it to everyone.

Mary G.

Lili has helped me on a personal and professional level with hypnosis.† Her extensive training offers so much to any person wanting to improve their lives.† As a fellow hypnotherapist I rely on our regular monthly appointments as my recharge.† I practice hypnosis with Lili and self hypnosis for weight management, self-esteem, marital relationship guidance, parenting confidence, stress reduction and overall health and well being.†† I have seen and felt great improvement in myself and in my family relationships as a direct result of hypnosis with Lili.†

I feel more satisfied in my personal home life and in my career because of the confidence Iíve gained through our hypnosis sessions. †

Melissa R.